Herbal therapies work most effectively in conjunction with other modalities to offer the most effective form of natural wellness; healing from the inside out.
Herbal wellness is very effective and some ingredients can be contraindicated when taken with certain pharmaceuticals.
A full herbal evaluation by a qualified Acupuncturist/Herbalist is required in order for the proper formula to be dispersed.

We offer a full pharmacy of encapsulated formulas that alleviate specific symptoms and bring the body to a state of balance.
All formulas are made with natural ingredients (herbs, roots, bark, flowers).
We offer formulas to support and address the following concerns.

-Adrenal Support
-Back Pain/Weakness
-Cancer Symptom Support
-Fertility Strength
-Kidney Stones
-Liver Detox
-Neck and Shoulder Pain
-Wellness Tonic
-Weight Loss