Custom Treatments

We use a combination of New and Old Health Alternatives to uncover and release the root causes associated with pain, trauma and disease. 
Feelings of pain and traumatic events are limiting and force the spirit to either constrict or scatter. When constricted, stagnation occurs which hinders proper movement and flow, physically and energetically. When scattered, it can cause disassociation.
These experiences can cause pain, discomfort and extinguish one’s life force or divine spark.
Our goal is to reignite the flame within, allowing your light to shine.

Conditions We Treat

-Accident Recovery
-ADD/ADHD Diagnosis
-Autism/Asperger Diagnosis
-Chemotherapy Symptom/Side Effect Support
-Identity/Gender Acceptance
-Musculoskeletal Disorders
-Neurological Disorders
-Physical Pain
-Pre and Post-natal
-True Spirit Path

Treatment Modalities

Gentle insertion of a thin needle to achieve peak body balance and fluidity of movement

Aura Photography
Specialized biofeedback unit to visually capture the energy field surrounding the body

Auricular - Ear Therapy
Mild stimulation of acupuncture points can treat any part of the body

Crystal Bath
Connect with the Entities of Light, an extraordinary spiritual experience

Medicinal plants encapsulated for easing common ailments and complaints

Release old patterns and habits that no longer serve your journey

NBE Therapy - NeoBioEnergetics
Stimulating frequencies that assess and adjust the body’s homeostatic balance

TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine
Ancient forms of healing including Cupping, Moxibustion, Gua-Sha

Therapeutic Massage
Relieve pain and stagnation for acute and chronic conditions

QHT - Quantum Healing Technique
Experience deep and immediate form of personal awareness and healing