About Us

Jennifer Davies, L.Ac., NCMT

Jen understands, first-hand, how to create change from challenge. She grew up with Cerebral Palsy, a developmental disability. She spent months in the NICU and much of her childhood in the hospital for surgeries, spinal taps, and physical therapy. Jen is a natural empath and with permission, she effortlessly connects to the energy of others and to source energy for guidance. Her love for healing began at an early age and she continues to share this love and knowledge with others.

Andrew Davies, C.Ht., CBP

Andrew, a New Zealand native, traveled abroad to America at age 16 and returned years later. He is a natural counselor. Having a keen awareness of emotions and underlying patterns of behavior grants him the ability to identify developing events before and as they unfold.

They have two Crystal Children, each with very special gifts. One with an Autism Spectrum (ASD) diagnosis and Central Auditory Processing (CAP). The other with Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity (ADD/ADHD) and Dyslexia attributes. They specifically do not call them “Disorders” for the reason that they don’t feel that life challenges are necessarily negative. Instead, they are an opportunity for growth.