Distance Healing and Prayer - It Is All Energy

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Physics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed; it is a property that must be either transferred or converted. Sometimes feelings can be negative or positive, but the constant is change. Prayer is the act of invoking energy through deliberate communication. Healing works in the same way. This is why gatherings, vigils and dedications, no matter how small, are so commonplace.
I am keenly aware that when I work, I am not just relaxing a tight muscle or opening a channel in the body. I am grounding my client, shifting the energy in the room and strengthening their connection to available energy flow.
The truth is - anyone has the potential to evoke the change of energy. There are numerous tools that can help with and support the power of intention, including:

-angel cards
-astrological symbols
-books and beads
-henna tattoos
-personal alters
-statues and images
-stones and runes
-tarot cards
-vision boards
-water crystals

My suggestion is to find what suits your personality, what medium feels the most natural and spend some time expanding your consciousness. This creates the perfect opportunity for play.

Below is a message exchange before and after I completed a distance healing.

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